Consulting Sessions

Defining the key requirements with our Consulting teams

Before implementation can begin, our consulting team must ensure your business requirements align with the steps required to set up, configure, design, and build your site.

Working with our consultants to get the best results

During this stage of the project, our experts provide consulting to ensure that your digital workplace plan aligns with the implementation and build of your digital workplace. Our consultants perform three types of consulting sessions with the appropriate stakeholder groups:

  1. Strategic consulting
  2. Solution consulting
  3. Design consulting

It is imperative that your teams are prepared before these sessions and you have staff with the right skills and experience take part. Consulting sessions are generally 45 to 90 minutes in length over the phone. Sessions can be also done on-site as requested. 

Note: The exact number of consulting sessions and type of consulting completed with the support of Igloo experts may differ depending on the package and services you've purchased.


Strategic Consulting

Goal: To create a digital workplace plan

The lead consultant assigned to your digital workplace project works with your project team and/or sponsor to prioritize and align your key goals, objectives, and business challenges for your digital workplace plan. Major items at this point include:

  • Confirming your key goals and objectives
  • Aligning specific solutions to your business challenges
  • Identifying gaps in the plan (e.g. plan versus build)
  • Recommending solutions
  • Presenting/solving potential risks

Typical duration

  • 1 to 2 weeks

Solution Consulting

Goal: To create a solution roadmap with timelines

Our consultant(s) work with you to define your initial digital workplace solution roadmap. This includes: 

  • Choosing solutions and creating a roll-out plan with dates
  • Defining the business problem(s) and desired outcomes (e.g. per solution)
  • Identifying key stakeholder groups (e.g. owners, authors, viewers)
  • Defining solution configuration and taxonomy
  • Creating a solution content plan
  • Creating a visual design

Typical duration

  • 1 to 3 weeks

Design Consulting

Goal: To create a visual identity for your digital workplace

To ensure your digital workplace reflects your brand and culture, our  Visual Designers work with our Solution Consultants, and Implementation Specialists, to ensure your visual design supports and contributes to your strategic business goals. Our team of Visual Designers combine visual elements with design principles to create accessible and beautifully-branded digital workplaces.

Visual design has four key purposes:

  1. To allow users to identify with the company's brand and maintain company culture over geographical regions
  2. To guide readers to the most important and relevant information for them to know on any given day
  3. To be adaptable in an ever-changing digital workplace
  4. To allow all users to have a delightful and efficient experience in the digital workplace

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