Engagement Planning

Creating an employee engagement plan

Employee engagement doesn't happen organically, at least not in the beginning. You need a strong engagement plan to drive employee adoption. Align the plan with goals and objectives summarized in your digital workplace strategy to ensure programs drive the right types of employee engagement.  

Engaging your workforce

Your engagement plan should outline how you'll engage with your key stakeholders. The ways you engage will depend on what you're trying to achieve, both for your organization and the stakeholders concerned. The plan should be monitored and reviewed on a regular basis (weekly if possible) by the Digital Workplace Manager and/or team. It's strongly recommended that you engage your Marketing team as key stakeholders, as they're the experts in this type of engagement activity. 

Consider creating an engagement calendar to keep activities organized and on a regular cadence. This can be very helpful for your key stakeholders as a reminder to post content and updates that will increase visibility across the organization. 

Your engagement team

Keeping your employees engaged is a full-time job, especially for large and distributed organizations. Many large organizations have an engagement specialist within the Digital Workplace Team. Their role is focused solely on employee adoption and engagement, including: 

  • Managing the engagement plan
  • Monitoring and measuring engagement
  • Identifying key opportunities and risks
  • Working with key stakeholder teams and champions to drive engagement
  • Coordinating, managing, and launching programs and campaigns
  • Assisting with content strategies
  • Setting up and managing a gamification program by rewarding members for participating

Learn more about assembling an engagement team

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