Launch Day

It's launch day!

Launch day has finally arrived. It's time to realize all your hard work and effort over the past several months. The clock is ticking down and you're moments away from "go-live." Your project team is ready, all checklist items are complete, and your promotional and feedback programs are up and running. The button is pressed – you're live!

It's time to launch

This can be one of the most stressful days of your life. Months of work and planning have gone into launching your digital workplace. There's lots riding on a successful launch. To help you get through the day, here are some handy items to help you coordinate "all the things" on launch.

Setting up a pre-launch meeting

Set up your pre-launch meeting a week before launch with your team. This will give you time to resolve any unknown issues or complete any final launch day tasks.

  • Review the launch plan and distribute a launch checklist
  • Confirm projects and tasks are complete
  • Identify and resolve issues
  • Review roles and responsibilities with each team member
  • Hype the team - get them excited

Schedule a launch day meeting

Set up an early morning meeting with your project team to go over the final details of the launch. Ensure there are no issues or risks for launch (e.g. technical glitch or competing corporate event).

  • Review your launch checklist
  • Ensure everyone is clear on their roles, responsibilities, and tasks
  • Review the escalation process in the event of any issues or emergencies
  • Check monitoring/analytics systems that measure adoption
  • Confirm that your IT team is ready to turn the site live when notified
  • Launch site when ready, and be sure to thank your team for all their hard work

Setting up a war room

It's time to press the button. Contact your IT team to flip the switch to make your new digital workplace go live. Before you push the button, ensure all your promotional and feedback programs are live. Also, it is great practice to set up a "war room"for the day so your team can manage any issues that arise: 

  • Technical glitches
  • Inappropriate behavior
  • Executive feedback
  • Configuration mishaps (e.g. permissions to an area or inability to login)

Testing feedback loops

Ensure your project team(s) are available to help field questions from users during launch week based on the feedback loops you've initiated. Do a test run before the launch to ensure they are working properly. Do a mock session: submit a suggestion and monitor how your teams respond. Provide feedback and make any changes necessary. 

Celebrate with your team

It's time to take a deep breath and celebrate all your hard work.  Be sure to take some time to celebrate with your team and users. Recognize and acknowledge your key contributors to the project with:

  • Thank you message on your digital workplace
  • Special gifts (e.g. small gesture of appreciation like a t-shirt, mug, or plaque)
  • Personal thank you message - in person


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