Change Management

Change management through effective communication

Change is hard for most people and this trait has a significant impact on your digital workplace implementation, adoption of this new tool, and overall engagement. You must rely on effective communication to manage change and prepare your employees for what's coming. 

Communicating change 

One of the most important things to consider throughout your launch planning, preparation, and launch week activities is effective communication and change management. You'll need to define what you need to communicate about the new digital workplace right from the beginning. Those key messages you identify should be carried through all of your communication efforts. 

Remember, there are human factors that impact your ability to clearly communication change to your employees. Check out our Top 10 Human Factors of Change Management to understand how to effectively connect with your employees.  

Guiding principles for change management 

There are some simple tactics that help you communicate changes to your employees: 

  • Simplify the complex
  • Minimize disruption
  • Build on what you know
  • Be transparent
  • Encourage active participation. 
  • Leverage cultural norms
  • Provide support
  • Use a multi-media approach

Appealing to key user groups

The Launch Communications and Change Management Guide will help you identify key user groups you need to communicate with about the digital workplace. Each group will have different needs and your communication and change management approach will need to take that into consideration. This will ensure you reach as many users as possible with targeted messaging that is sure to engage them. 

Are you getting through to your employees?

When it comes to communications and change management, there are some key things to look for that indicate your efforts are successful. The most common signs that your organization is adjusting well to change are that employees (at all levels) are engaged, informed, and supported. You can gauge this success by speaking to employees directly, conducting a simple poll or survey, or opening up a "Have a question?" forum channel. Speaking to your leaders to find out if employees seem confused or unsure of what's happening is another way to understand whether or not employees are absorbing the information being provided.


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