Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

The best path towards an error-free launch of your digital workplace is to follow a tried and tested Quality Assurance (QA) process.

The 4 steps to successful digital workplace QA testing:

  1. Review the site map for oddities in your architecture
  2. Review your pages and content for consistency, UX, and breakages
  3. Review security and access settings for users and groups
  4. Review initial subscription settings for your users
In addition to checking for errors, omissions and duplications, these checkpoints are also an opportunity to verify that all elements of your workplace are contributing towards the goals you had set out in the planning stages.

Here is a simple checklist for working through the review process:


Site Structure

  • Can any pages change to spaces or spaces to pages?
  • Are the hidden pages still needed/ should they be unhidden?
  • Can I access all content (through navigation, or widgets)?
  • Does it satisfy community goals?
  • Is the whole structure logical, organized, uncluttered?

Review Pages and Content

  • Are the pages properly laid out?
  • Are they consistent?
  • Are all fonts rendering as intended?
  • Are there any accessibility (legibility) issues?
  • Are there any broken links or missing links (widget titles)?
  • Is there any missing content, imagery, or video?
  • Are you employing effective use of content labels?
  • Do any widgets need a change of layout?
  • Do pages and content satisfy community goals?

Security and Access

  • Are site-level access and roles provided to the right users for the transition to operations?
  • Is space-level access and roles setup for solutions, teams and departments?
  • Have groups been set up, without duplicates?
  • Have unneeded groups been removed?
  • Is SSO configured and operating as expected?
  • Have your session timeout/termination settings been configured?


  • Have you opted in your users to follow high-priority channels and content? (Doing so will ensure they begin receiving communications immediately)
  • Are the right users and/or groups subscribed to the correct content at an appropriate frequency?

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