Project Management

Coordinating and managing your project

It's important that you have a dedicated project manager(s) assigned to any digital workplace project - regardless if this is your first implementation or one of many. The role of your project manager is to coordinate and manage all aspects of the implementation including keeping it on time, on spec and on budget.

During the project kick off, you will want to get to know your project team:
  • Roles of each team member
  • Responsibilities and workloads
  • Knowledge
  • Skills
  • Experience
  • Abilities
  • Resource and time constraints

The more you know about the team and your organization, the more successful the outcomes will be

– PwC, Brookings Institute, Forbes

Your project framework

Successful project plans always have a high-level framework for delivery. It helps your project team members visualize the entire process and the key steps and/or milestone for solution roll out from kick-off to launch, engagement and expansion.

Sample project plan


Key deliverables

1. Solution delivery(e.g. what solutions will be part of the roll-out)
2. Site structure configuration
3. UX and wireframes(e.g. by area)
4. Design mockups and approvals
5. Content curation and/or migration strategy
6.Authentication(e.g. centralized, IdP)

7. Roles and access controls
(e.g. roles and permissions)
8. Implementation
9. Integrations
10. Roll-out and launch plan
11. Engagement plan


Playbook Tip

Your entire project team should be aligned to your project plan which tracks your progress on your key deliverables and timelines. Be sure to identify any items that may put your project at risk with recommended actions and solutions. For example, many teams forget to allocate time in their project plan for employee vacations.

Key Resources


Template: Project Schedule

This document includes a full list of general tasks to help you jumpstart your digital workplace project.

Get the template

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