Solution Configuration


Solution Configuration

Solution configuration incorporates the specific ways your organization works, including integration with existing tools, workflows and branding, into your solution to make it relevant and impactful.


  • Site structure document
  • Wireframes if applicable 
  • Any other pertinent information captured during the requirements elicitation phase


Using the site structure (and wireframe if applicable) as a guide, you should initially focus on the following tasks:
  • Building the primary navigation items (e.g. the pages/spaces which are accessible on the navigation bar)
  • Build/modify existing homepage elements, if the channels for homepage content don't exist yet, put placeholder widgets for these channels
  • Assist in configuration of selected Solutions
  • Determine if there are elements that require users to have different permissions (e.g. a managers area)

Visual Design of a Digital Workplace


Just like offices were designed to encourage a company identity and water-cooler chats, the visual design of your digital workplace will help your employees recognize and identify with the place that the work everyday.
It is key to remember that visual design has these main purposes:
  1. To allow users to identify with the company's brand, maintain company culture over geographical regions
  2. To guide readers to the most important and relevant information for them to know on any given day
  3. To be adaptable in an ever-changing digital workplace .
  4. To allow all users to have a delightful and efficient experience in the digital workplace.

Identifying with the Company Brand

Your company's brand use to be printed and posted around you office. With a growing amount of people working from home, you still want your colleagues identifying with your brand.Visual Design is key to making your visual design yours. When users log in, you don't want them feeling like they are logging in to yet another app, but to a central location that is theirs. This will give them a sense of belonging, and raise adoption to the platform.

Show them where to go

Visual design is used to guide users in the optimal direction. The most common mistake we see in digital workplace design is a lack of visual hierarchy of information. If everything is visually the same "loudness" then everything is shouting at the user. Visual Design will distinguish this hierarchy and will show your user exactly where to go without overwhelming them. 


Let them work

At the end of the day, this is a Workplace. Let's allow users to work in it. Keeping up with the latest Accessibility standards and designing for what the user's need in order to communicate, find information, and collaborate, is key to helping them do their work.


Designing for Growth and Flexibility

Similar to modern offices, the digital workplace changes and adapts for varying needs. One day, an alert is needed, the next day, it is not. Visual design aids in giving you the classes you need to adapt your digital workplace when necessary.

Visual Design Considerations

Consider how a user might use and respond to their digital destination, by considering what that user is like in person. Use personas (the aspect of someone's character that is presented to or perceived by others) to guide your decisions. Do not use your own personal preferences and taste to guide you.

Ask yourself:

What does the average user’s day-to-day look like?
What is their very first intention when logging in to the Digital Workplace?
What do they wear to work?
What kind of work activities do they participate in?
What kind of physical work environment do they work in?

Consider taking informal survey's from people by walking around and asking them what they want or need in a digital workplace. Answering questions like these will help you reflect on what these users might expect, need, and want from the design of their digital workplace. Make decisions with them in mind, not just yourself.  

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Key Resources


Template: Site Structure

A robust template that helps organize the structure of your digital workplace

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Guide: Wireframe Sample

An example of a sample wireframe for how your Igloo could be structured.

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