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Training your key stakeholder groups on the production site

It's just about time to launch. Before going live, our Trainers provide hands-on training to your key stakeholder groups.Training varies depending on the implementation package purchased.

Training your key stakeholder groups prior to launch

The last step in the Implementation Stage is training your key stakeholders. You're provided with training as part of your digital workplace implementation. The type and amount of training is dictated by the implementation package you've purchased. We also augment our initial implementation training by providing free access to  Igloo University

Note:  You're provided with a set number of seats which can be used to access materials and courses within Igloo University. 

Igloo University: A unique approach to training and education

Over the past decade, our training professionals have developed a collection of unique training and education programs for each stage of your digital transformation journey. You can choose the learning path that is right for you:


Self-paced: Learn at your own pace (self-serve).


Instructor-led: Learn in an online classroom setting.


Role-based user guides: Access curated educational materials that align with specific digital workplace roles.

Stakeholder training programs and materials

As noted earlier in the Playbook, your digital workplace will have many different stakeholder groups with different roles, business needs, and expectations. Our training team recognized this challenge and set out to create materials, courses, and curriculum within Igloo University to educate and train specific roles within your digital workplace.



Starting at your Kick-off Meeting and moving through the early phases of implementation, we provide short video tutorials that provide the pre-requisite knowledge for key engagements with our professional services teams.


Digital workplace managers


Solution managers


Content creators 




Miscellaneous roles


Self Service

*Private training is available both virtually or onsite. Onsite visits subject to travel costs.


Access key resources to help train and educate your employees.


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