Solution Templates

Setting up and configuring your solution templates

Enabling your solutions. Working with our Configuration Specialists, it's time to enable, set up and configure your solution templates outlined in your solution strategy and roadmap.

Getting your Solution configuration right

Every Solution Template provided in your digital workplace can be modified to meet your exact needs. As mentioned in the Solution Stage, we recommend launching no more than three Solutions at any given time.

Working with our Configuration Specialists, you can request modifications to the default Solution Template. This includes layout, design, and configuration. Before moving forward with any alterations, it should be noted that every default Solution Template has been designed with years of experience through hundreds of successful deployments.

If you still want to make changes, our Solutions delivery team will work with you to create a Solution configuration profile based on the following criteria:

  • Does the visual design align with your digital workplace?
  • Does it promote a simple and easy-to-use interface?
  • Does the configuration solve the specific business challenge(s) intended?
  • Does it need to accommodate any third-party integrations?
  • Does the solution mirror well-understood standard operating procedures and workflows within the company?
  • Does the design and configuration promote engagement and adoption?
  • Have you considered the mobile experience?
  • Have you considered the audiences and their experience (e.g. admins, owners, publishers, viewers)?

Note: The number of Solution consultations you'll have may vary depending on the package and services you've purchased. 

Solution configuration

Every Solution Template includes a specific set of default properties:

  • Design
  • Layout
  • Configuration
  • Applications
  • Permissions
  • Groups and roles
  • Sample content (optional)

Example: Newsroom template

Key set up/configuration considerations

Once the configuration profile is complete, our team moves forward with the Solution Template modifications. This may include one or more of the following activities:

  • Building a site structure (e.g. site map)
  • Ordering the navigation and hiding items
  • Creating wireframes (e.g. pages and channels)
  • Applying a visual design
  • Deciding on the key feature set and apps
  • Fine-tuning global settings
  • Setting up the permission structure
  • Deciding on a content plan
  • Adding a tag structure
  • Ensuring subscriptions are set
  • Adding classes to change the appearance of widgets used in the Solution
  • Adding visual elements (e.g. banners, icons)
  • Setting up a header and footer

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