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Building your implementation schedule

Let's get the party started! It's time to implement your digital workplace! The process starts with a joint team meeting to align expectations and project deliverables and determine team members' specific roles and responsibilities. From there, it's hands on keyboards focused on set-up, configuration, and implementation.

Creating a project schedule for implementation

Your implementation project schedule is the "Who," "What," and "When" of the build. It describes deliverables, deadlines, and resources that are assigned to complete each task including:

  • Project deliverablesplaybook-implementstage-schedule.png
  • Tasks required to complete the deliverables
  • Dependencies between tasks
  • Resources required to complete each task
  • Task durations and project deadline
  • Planned time for each resource

Why use a project schedule?

A project schedule is an effective tool that helps our project managers efficiently communicate and collaborate
with both teams during the entire build process. It also ensures that the project remains on track.

Using a project schedule is important to everyone involved in the implementation of your digital workplace. It helps project managers monitor every aspect of the project and track its progress. If any delays or changes occur, the project manager will be able to react accordingly without it impacting the project's delivery. Moreover, your team members will have a better understanding of what is expected of them.

An effective schedule will help you manage two of the biggest factors that impact a project's budget and success: time and resources. Efficient project scheduling helps project managers properly estimate and monitor costs. It also allows you to determine your team's capacity to help you identify who the right person is for each task.  

Understanding your implementation timelines

The timeline to implement your digital workplace varies based on the implementation package (e.g. Jumpstart or Kickstart) you purchased with your sales agreement. 


Generally, your implementation can range from 3 weeks (e.g. Kickstart Package) to 16 weeks (e.g. Jumpstart Package). Igloo recommends breaking your implementation into phases if the delivery estimate exceeds beyond 16 weeks.  

Our motto: Simpler is better.

Beware of the top 10 causes for delays

Watch out for the top ten reasons why an implementation gets delayed:

  1. Scope creep
  2. Lack of preparation
  3. Resource availability
  4. Delays in approvals along the way
  5. Third-party migrations
  6. Content curation
  7. Competing projects
  8. Unexpected change requests
  9. Statements of work (e.g. custom development)
  10. Final review and sign-off

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