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Meet your implementation team

Meet your implementation team! A group of dedicated digital workplace experts who are ready to build your production site, they offer diverse knowledge, skills, and abilities in areas such as design, consulting, configuration, and training.

Your success is our success 

Your implementation project is lead by an experienced and certified project manager. Depending on the scope and complexity of the implementation project, you may interact with the following digital workplace experts at Igloo during the implementation process:

  • Project Manager: Coordinates the project and keeps it on time, on spec, and on budgetplaybook-implementstage-yourproject.png
  • Configuration Specialist: Sets up and configures your site
  • Visual designer: Applies your visual design to your site
  • Consultants: Consult on your overall strategy and solution roadmap
  • Trainers: Train your key stakeholders on the final site
  • Web developers: Create specialized classes, customizations, and/or integrations
  • Success Manager: Consults on your launch and engagement strategy

Most likely, you have already met many of your implementation team members at the Project Kick-Off meeting.

Key attributes of a successful implementation

  1. Built on a  strategy governed by a digital workplace plan with clear goals, objectives, and outcomes
  2. A corporate destination where employees start their day
  3. Aesthetically appealing and reflects your corporate culture and brand
  4. Interactive and engages employees across the organization
  5. Solves real business challenges related to communications, collaboration, knowledge, and culture
  6. Delivers streamlined communications to employees based on their role or team
  7. Easily connects your workforce to create, share and find information and knowledge
  8. Integrates seamlessly with both front and back office applications used in your organization
  9. Highly secure and scales to meet the demands of your corporate compliance teams
  10. Easily personalized based on specific roles and teams in your organization

Video: Implementation Process

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