Spokes or Spaces

Should you use a Spoke or a Space?

The Networked Enterprise Edition supports spoke sites and team spaces. Learn the differences between these two tools 
and how to get the most out of them in your digital workplace.


What is a spoke?

A spoke is an independent or standalone digital workplace (e.g. site) within the networked enterprise. It is connected to the hub, but it does not live within the hub. Generally, a spoke site provides a digital workplace for a community of users so they can work together. Usually, these communities have a specific theme or interest which brings them together, but they need to be separate from the hub. 

Spoke sites are created in the Enterprise Administration Panel (EAP) from an existing site template. Spoke members are a subset of hub members, so not all members in the hub will be in every spoke. 

When to use a spoke?

  • It needs to be separate site due to legal, ethical, locality, or security reasons.
  • It has external members and you don't want these users in your digital workplace (e.g. contractors).
  • The site must have its own branding.
  • The site is too big for a space (e.g. too many members).
  • You have a variety of user groups (e.g. communities, businesses) who are with different organizations and need separate sites.
  • The site requires a very complex hierarchy (e.g. many different levels of spaces).
  • You want to create a public digital workplace (e.g. allow anonymous users).

Sample Spoke - Customer Support Portal

The Igloo Customer Care site is a spoke site. It is a spoke for the following reasons:

✔ It needed its own branding.
✔ It has external members.
✔ It is a very large, complex site.
✔ It has lots of users (e.g. scale and performance).

Screenshot - Customer Support Portal



What is a space?

A space is for team collaboration within a single digital workplace. Think of spaces as a sub digital workplace which can be added to any hub or spoke site within the network using the Site Manager. Spaces can live anywhere within a digital workplace (e.g. within the site manager hierarchy) and inherit global settings, configuration, and design from the parent digital workplace. Generally, members can only be added to a space if they are already a member of the parent digital workplace. Spaces have their own membership, groups, trash, archive settings, and navigation.

Spaces can be set up to be open or closed and can be used for almost any type of group collaboration including:

  • Departmental teams
  • Project teams
  • Committees
  • Taskforce
  • Boardrooms
  • Clubs

Space Templates

Any Space can be set as a reusable template. Use this feature to create consistency across your collaboration rooms.

Screenshot - project team room within a digital workplace


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