Enterprise Administrators

Managing & Administering the Network

The Enterprise Administrators from Igloo allows any organization to create a network of digital workplace sites that 
are connected to a single, centralized corporate hub.

Who are they?

The Enterprise Administrator role is only available within the Networked Enterprise Edition. Think of them as "super admins" who have rights and privileges across the entire network. They control and manage the network using two key tools:

  1. EAP: A secure area accessed from the Control Panel of any digital workplace within a networked enterprise. Within the EAP console, Enterprise Administrators have the ability to centrally control, manage, and update your networked enterprise configuration.
  2. Control Panel: Every spoke site (digital workplace) has a Control Panel for administering and managing a specific spoke site.

Key responsibilities

Making a member an Enterprise administrator gives them access to all digital workplaces within the Networked Enterprise. Their level of access within each workplace is the same as the workplace's own Workplace administrators. Only existing Enterprise administrators can add or demote Enterprise administrators

Key functions they perform within the network include:

  • Create new spokes
  • Delete existing spokes
  • Mark spokes as templates
  • Modify settings of digital workplace hub and/or spokes, such as names, URLs, and authentication settings 
  • Enable or disable features for an individual spoke, or edit in bulk
  • Set member, space, and storage limits for spokes

Did you know?

  • An Enterprise administrator's actions in a digital workplace will appear on that content's Activity page regardless of whether the administrator is a member of that digital workplace. 
  • Enterprise Administrators have full administrator access to all digital workplaces (hub and all spokes) within a Networked Enterprise.

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