Networked Enterprise Handbook

Creating a networked enterprise for your organization

Use this Handbook to learn how to create a network of digital workplace sites that 
are connected to a single, centralized corporate hub.

What is the Networked Enterprise?hubandspoke

Igloo offers a product edition that supports the creation and management of a networked enterprise of digital workplaces. This edition provides our customers with an enterprise-level architecture that consists of a centralized hub and a collection of spokes which are to be connected to the hub for the purpose of sharing of corporate content across the organization.

  1. Hub Site: a central digital workplace which is connected to spoke sites in the network.
  2. Spoke Sitea site that is provisioned from the Enterprise Administration Panel (EAP) as "standalone" digital workplace, but is connected to the hub. Spoke sites can be public or private (e.g. member only). 


We created the Networked Enterprise Edition to help alleviate the scalability limitations of existing intranet solutions on the market. The Networked Enterprise is designed to:

  1. Scale to meet the needs of companies with very large employee populations.
  2. Support organizations with a large number of teams with layers of hierarchy.
  3. Connect distributed teams regardless of their different geographies, time zones, and languages.
  4. Support organizations who need sites with totally different brands, technologies, and user populations.
  5. Support the storing, organizing, publishing and searching of information in very large content-rich sites (e.g. terabytes of data).
  6. Support organizations who need to support both internal and external stakeholders within their digital workplace.

Video - Networked Enterprise Edition Overview

This video provides an overview of the Networked Enterprise Edition including its value, what a hub and spoke model is, and use cases.

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