Workplace Analytics

Workplace Analytics

Access overviews and granular reports to gather insights about your digital workplace members and content.

Analyzing user activity with Workplace Analytics

The Igloo platform provides access to Workplace Analytics which provides tangible data about your digital workplace’s members and content. Pre-configured dashboards make this information easily accessible, while attractive and interactive visualizations deliver immediate insights in the form of summarized overviews and granular reports.

With Workplace Analytics, Digital Workplace Managers can address the most common questions asked by your key stakeholders including:

  • Executives
  • Business owners
  • Content contributors
  • Advocates

Workplace Analytics

Key Features

  • Summary View:  Summarized view of member activity; list of the most active member; solutions and totals of each type of content that was added or removed.
  • Filters: View data for the last 4 weeks, 12 weeks, 6 months and 12 months.
  • Member Analytics: Monitor growth in membership; identify community archetypes such as Creators vs Contributors vs Consumers and the leaders in each of those categories.
  • Content Analytics:  Identify the list of most popular content, channels, and solutions with direct access from the page.
  • Activity Analytics:  Identify and track the totals for the types of content that were added and removed over time as well as total activity and activity actions such as views, likes, comments, ratings.

Key benefits

  • Find your champions: Watch membership growth and identify behavioral archetypes such as creators, contributors, and consumers, and recognize the leaders in those categories. Then empower those leaders to increase uptake by sharing the value they’re realizing from the digital workplace.
  • Identify your popular content: Understand what content people are consuming and engaging with most. Perhaps there is an area that’s getting a lot of views, likes, and comments, but it requires updating. Gain insight into engagement behaviors so you can fix problem areas and make sure you’re prioritizing the right content.
  • Monitor overall health: Identify and track all types of activity over time, such as content that’s added and removed, as well as views, likes, comments, ratings, and more. Doing this lets you find areas of strength and weakness so you can adjust your digital workplace strategy for the long-term.

Video - Igloo Workplace Analytics

PlaybookTip_Icon.pngPlaybook Tip: Start with simple measuring tactics
To get you started, here are some basic metrics to consider when monitoring general employee adoption and engagement:
  • # of views
  • # of contributions
  • # of downloads
  • # of comments
  • # of likes
  • Ratings on content


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