Continuous Improvement

Continuous improvement program

Creating a program which drives continuous updates and improvements of your digital workplace solution.

Evolving your digital workplace

✔  You're tracking digital workplace activity.
✔  You've built the necessary reports.
✔  You're analyzing the data and trends.

It's time to evaluate, assess and implement the necessary updates and improvements to your digital workplace.

Continuous Improvement

Every digital workplace should evolve with the changing needs of your organization. Planning and executing change is key component of your digital workplace strategy and overall success. It is recommended that you create a continuous improvement program to manage change - both in the long and short term.

All updates should be managed and coordinated by your digital workplace team

1. Create a governance team

Regardless of the governance model you choose, you should set up a team(s) to manage and evolve your digital workplace solution. This can be in the form of a steering committee, communities of practice or a dedicated digital workplace team. Be sure to define clear roles and responsibilities for every member of the team. 

The governance team should be responsible for the following initiatives:

  • Execution of the overall digital workplace strategy.
  • Management of day-to-day activities.
  • Implementation of continuous improvement programs and activities.
  • Status reports on the progress of the site as it relates to the plan (e.g. ROO, risks, budget, resourcing, etc.).

Help Desk

One of the best ways to execute and manage continuous improvement and governance of your digital workplace is to create a Help Desk area within your digital workplace. This is the place where your digital workplace team can work together as well as communicate and interact with employees and key stakeholders. 

Within the Help Desk, your governance team can execute on the following activities:

  • Collaborate on projects and initiatives using a private project space.
  • Provide a playground for digital workplace new initiatives. 
  • Share updates with the organization.
  • Collect feedback (e.g. issues, ideas and requests).
  • Publish policies and procedures on how to use the digital workplace.

Screenshot - sample Help Desk solution

Screenshot - Help Desk

2. Create a continuous improvement plan

The purpose of creating a continuous improvement plan is to map out your strategy to achieve the goals and objectives set out in your digital workplace plan. It is recommended that you set your plan in increments such as monthly, quarterly, and yearly. This allows you to determine and measure both short and long-term objectives.

When building your plan, think about including the following elements:

  • A strategy which aligns to the goals and objectives of your digital workplace.
  • A completed and approved KPI chart.
  • A measurement plan (e.g. measurement tools being used, what is being measured, types of reports, the cadence of reports, etc.).
  • Data analysis of user activity, interactions, and flows.
  • A mechanism(s) to allow user feedback and incorporating them into the analysis (e.g. forums, polls, calls to action, surveys).
  • Well defined standard operating procedures (SOPs) for reviewing, approving and implementing updates to the digital workplace.

3. Execute your plan

It is recommended your continuous improvement plan is executed on a regular cadence by your digital workplace team. Be careful not to make too many large changes as it may confuse or frustrate your users. Executing updates on a regular cadence ensures your digital workplace is keeping up with the needs/demands of your business. It also showcases to your users that you are listening and acting on their feedback.

  • Daily: Small incremental ad hoc changes and/or fixes to the digital workplace. 
  • Weekly: Scheduled updates planned by the digital workplace team to drive engagement and adoption. 
  • Monthly/Quarterly: Planned updates based on data analysis, employee feedback, and usage trends.
  • Yearly: Major changes driven by data analysis, feedback and/or changes in your business or digital workplace strategy.

PlaybookTip_Icon.pngPlaybook Tip: Steering Committee

Setting up a Steering Committee is a great way to get buy-in on your digital workplace strategy and continuous improvement plans and programs.

  • Get agreement on the plan: This is a must in order to manage expectations and drive continued support for your digital workplace initiative.
  • Establish a “parking lot” to manage priorities: Use the concept of a “parking lot” to collect ideas for projects that didn’t quite make the top of the list. This will give you a strong starting point for the next planning cycle and appease stakeholders whose pet projects suffered the fate of the chopping block.
  • Report on progress: Report regularly and often on progress. If you don't tell them, they will make it up. Provide ongoing reports on progress and try to include hard data related to the goals of whatever projects you are working on.

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