Content Strategy

Understanding content strategy

It's easy to bog down your digital workplace with tons of content, which is a common challenge many organizations face. A content strategy helps you govern digital workplace content and ensures your providing employees with content that's valuable and helpful.

A content strategy for your digital workplace

Effective content strategies tend to focus on the goals listed below. Use these goals to start thinking about the content strategy for your digital workplace. Expand on these goals and make them your own, making sure to align with your corporate business objectives and your overall digital workplace plan. 

  • Modular (reusable) content: Create content with multiple elements that can be used in multiple places and for multiple purposes. 
  • Relevance: Create content that is more relevant, helpful, and useful to target audiences/users. 
  • Content experience: Focus on the findability and sharability of content, creating content that is easy to find, use, share, and save for later consumption across various devices and channels. 
  • Content management: Define processes and procedures to ensure content is developed with the appropriate expertise and updated regularly to ensure relevancy and accuracy.
  • Consistency: Provide guidelines to ensure consistent messaging, tone, style, and editorial vision. 

Sample content goals for your digital workplace

  • Support the creation of modular content through the use of Wiki channels, in combination with Pages and Widgets.
  • Confirm content relevancy through the use of moderation on key channels. 
  • Define taxonomies, naming conventions, and other policies for the digital workplace to ensure findability of content. 
  • Leverage archiving settings at the global, channel, and content to support content management efforts. 
  • Make the organization's content strategy available and easily accessible to all employees to ensure consistent content efforts.

Note: Think about your content-specific goals as you work on the goals and objectives of your digital workplace plan

PlaybookTip_Icon.pngPlaybook Tip:  Create smarter content, not more content 

One of the biggest mistakes organizations make when it comes to content is thinking more is better. It's not. Publishing content for the sake of having something new to push out is not the right approach to an effective content strategy. This is extremely important to keep in mind when it comes to your digital workplace. It's easy to get carried away pushing out content, overwhelming users and causes information overload.

"If you want content that's ready for whatever the future holds, it's time to stop making more content, and instead start building systems that allow you to do more." 
- Sara Wachter-Boettcher, Content Everywhere: Strategy and Structure for Future-Ready Content

Content strategy versus content planning 

Your content strategy provides the overall content goals and objectives you'd like to achieve using your digital workplace (if you have a corporate content strategy, consider the digital workplace as a key resource to help you execute that strategy). Your content plans focus on the operational and tactical details needed to execute your strategy. The Content Planning chapter of the Digital Workplace Playbook describes how to get started with creating a global content plan and solution-specific content plans and include details, such as: 

  • Content development processes, including creation, publishing, and management, 
  • Editorial nature of your digital workplace content—what to publish, when to publish, where to publish, who will create, who will moderate, which audience to target
  • Content purpose(s)—how the content can/should be used to support key business objectives 

Start with a global content plan to enable your Content Creators/Publishers across your digital workplace. Then start thinking solution-specific and channel-specific content plans where you may have target audience groups or unique use cases to consider. 

Solutions to support content strategy

While all of the Igloo Solutions have a key content component to them, there are some that are truly content-driven and help organizations support their content strategy, including: 


Access key resources to help you build a content strategy.


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