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Analyzing digital workplace content performance

There are always ways to improve your content. You need to assess existing content to understand what's working and what's not to create proper content plans for improvement. Your employees can provide important feedback that will help you understand what content they find engaging, valuable, and helpful. 

Measuring the success of your content

✔ You've aligned your content strategy to your digital workplace plan
✔ You've completed a content audit

✔ Igloo's Implementation Team has completed the build process based on your approved site structure
✔ Content preparation is complete and your digital workplace has officially launched  

ContentPerformance_imgYou've dedicated a lot of time and effort to preparing content for your digital workplace. Your content is designed to serve your employees, providing value and enabling them to do their jobs. Now it's time to monitor the success of your content, identifying opportunities to improve and enhance existing content and create new content to fill any gaps.

Quantitative feedback

Using analytics and reporting, you can rely on some quantitative data to give you an idea of how your content is performing. The most commonly used metrics tend to be: 

  • # of previews
  • # of views 
  • # of comments
  • # of likes
  • Ratings (out of 5 stars)

However, looking for big numbers related to some of these metrics can be misleading. For example, there may be a lot of comments on a piece of content, but the comments are all questions due to gaps in what was published. A large number of views is great, but if a view is only for 1 or 2 seconds, is the content really being consumed? We recommend combining some of these metrics with things like "Time on Page" or "bounce rates" to get a more accurate picture of whether or not employees are consuming information. 

Sometimes the type of content will also impact these metrics, such as long-form content (e.g. wikis) requiring more time to consume versus short-form content (e.g. forums) requiring less time to consume. 

Some other numbers to look at include: 

  • # of bookmarks: Are there are common personal bookmarks employees are using? If so, those pages or pieces of content likely contain information your employees find valuable. 
  • # of read receipts (completion rate): How long is it taking for all read receipts to be completed? How long are employees viewing these pieces of content (Time on Page)? Is it long enough to actually consume the content or are employees just clicking the read tracking checkbox and leaving?

Qualitative feedback 

It can be difficult to measure the impact of your digital workplace content through quantitative measurements. The best way to improve your content is to understand the employee experience when they're searching for, consuming, retaining, and leveraging content. We recommend gathering feedback directly from your employees to properly understand:

  • How your content is performing
  • Where there may gaps
  • Where you can improve
  • How employees prefer to receive and consume information 

Employee surveys, polls, or other open forums to collect feedback are an excellent way for your employees to explain how they are finding, consuming, retaining, and using your digital workplace content. Surveys can focus on key areas, specific channels, or even a key piece of content that is vital to your business operations. Here are some sample questions to ask your employees:  

  • Is it difficult to find the information you're looking for in the digital workplace? If so, are the specific areas or pieces of content you have trouble finding? 
  • Do you think content is named and labeled accurately? Are those names descriptive enough that you know exactly what the content is about? 
  • Is there a type of content you think the digital workplace should use more often? (e.g. video blog posts, polls, microblog posts, etc.) 
  • Generally, is the digital workplace content easy for you to consume? If yes, can you provide an example of a piece of content you found particularly easy to consume? If no, can you provide an example of a piece of content you found particularly difficult to consume? 

Check-in with your subject matter experts 

Digital workplace content is often a collection of company knowledge, gathered from subject matter experts in various areas of your business. The goal is to get that knowledge out of the heads (and hard drives) of these experts and into a single destination that's easily accessible to all employees. If your digital workplace content is doing its job, your subject matter experts should see a reduction in the number of repetitive questions they receive. Engage your subject matter experts to find out if your digital workplace content is capturing critical company knowledge that keeps your business running smoothly. 

  • Are you experts still answering the same questions over and over again? 
  • Are there major gaps in knowledge when an expert leaves the company or is away for an extended period of time? 
  • Are there frequent roadblocks or are business processes halted because an expert is unavailable to answer questions? 
  • Are experts still transferring knowledge outside of the digital workplace?


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