Expand & Evolve

Expand and evolve your digital workplace

Over time you need to adapt to keep pace with your organization and the changing needs of your employees. Evolution is a critical step in any digital transformation and requires proper planning at the strategic, operational, and tactical levels.

Prepare to expand and evolve

To properly plan for your digital workplace's expansion and evolution, it's important to first understand the most pressing business challenges facing your organization. Gather your Steering Committee to discuss these challenges and review your digital workplace governance plan. Decide how you will adapt your plan to address new challenges and deliver the solutions that your users need. 

Organizations must understand that plans to expand and evolve may be completed in your first year of using a digital workplace, but as time passes, priorities change, new challenges come up, and the state of the workplace continues to evolve. You must adapt and evolve as required. That means reassessing your plans annually to ensure you've taken current and relevant goals, objectives, and desired outcomes into consideration. 

Igloo recommends scheduling annual/quarterly planning meetings with your digital workplace and engagement teams to discuss: 

  • The previous year's goals and objectives and whether they were met. 
  • The previous year's desired outcomes and whether they were met. 
  • Success metrics for both the digital workplace, individual Solutions, and overall engagement. 
  • Key pieces of feedback received from users (feedback received multiple times, through multiple teams/individuals, and forum topics that were "liked" or commented on multiple times are usually indicators of critical feedback). 
  • New challenges the organization faces. 
  • New trends in the workplace and within your industry. 
  • New technology that may help your organization address additional challenges. 
  • Changes to your organization that have occurred or will occur.

The cadence of these meetings will depend on the size and pace of your digital transformation. 

Growth and continuous improvement

Revisit key KPIs on an ongoing basis to focus on continuous improvement. We recommend doing this quarterly or semi-annually. Igloo offers a collection of packages and programs to help you drive digital workplace innovation and success. 

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