Engagement Team

Assemble an engagement team

When building your engagement team, often called "Champions," be sure to include people with the right skills to drive engagement. Those who have communications and engagement knowledge, can help you source and publish content, have the skills to develop and execute campaigns, and know how to effectively promote the value of your digital workplace to the rest of the organization.

Creating your engagement team

You are building a culture of engagement. With the right Champions spread across the organization, employees will constantly see and hear about the value of your digital workplace. Engagement happens in every department and at every level of the organization. Including representatives from each major department can help ensure wide-spread adoption. 

Champions often hail from Marketing, Communications, and Customer Success. These are the teams that have valuable knowledge and skills related to driving engagement and developing impactful communications. It's also important to include representatives from each level of your organization for a well-rounded, functional engagement team: 

  • C-Suite (strategic) 
  • Business owners (operational) 
  • Technical experts (tactical)

Think about key characteristics that will strengthen your team. Champions are generally social people and leaders. You will also want to include techn-savvy people on the team. Don't shy away from having a relatively large group of Champions. 

Engagement team members should include: 

  • Marketers 
  • Communicators 
  • Customer Success specialists 
  • Natural leaders 
  • Social butterflies 
  • At least one executive leader 
  • Tech-savvy employees

Enabling your engagement team (and employees) 

Create a Collaboration Space to set your team up for success. Give them all the tools, workflows, and Channels they need to start working on engagement plans, tactics, and campaigns. Ask a few of your key Champions (in leadership roles or who have operational expertise) to populate processes, policies, templates, and any other guidelines that the team will need to follow. Providing your team with an area like this allows them to: 

  • Speak the same language
  • Define goals and objectives 
  • Understand expectations
  • Develop and execute plans efficiently 
  • Deliver consistent campaigns that are on-brand and impactful
  • Share best practices 
  • Publish outcomes and success stories 
  • Share ideas for engagement 
  • Coordinate and manage engagement campaigns 
  • Schedule regular meetings to discuss and evaluate current and upcoming campaigns

PlaybookTip_Icon.pngPlaybook Tip: Engage your engagement team
One of our favorite engagement campaigns is the Champion's Initiatives Campaign. Each Champion can create their own engagement initiative within the digital workplace and take the lead on keeping it going. Elevate the role of Champion by making it part of an employee’s annual objectives. This will highlight the importance of the role across the organization.

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