Evolution Plan

Create a digital evolution plan

As your organization evolves, your digital workplace must as well. This is what we call "digital evolution". It involves every element of your digital workplace and is a continuous process of redefining goals, adjusting desired outcomes, measuring success, and scoring the results to plan for the next phase of evolution.  

Your digital evolution plan

What do we mean by "digital evolution" and how does it support engagement? Governance of your digital workplace includes creating a roadmap to proactively identify how the digital workplace will grow and expand to continuously meet the changing needs of your employees,  departments/teams, and  organization. 

Plan to engage users, gather their feedback, act on that feedback, and take the necessary steps forward to evolve your digital workplace. Digital evolution flourishes when you're able to sustain employee engagement. 


Key opportunities to sustain engagement


Empower your members

The best communities empower members by recognizing advocates, creating formal channels for member feedback, and getting members to take a stronger leadership role in community programs.


Design a training approach

Digital Workplace Managers can facilitate the effective use of the platform by offering learning opportunities to members. Effective training starts with educating people about why the digital workplace matters. This motivates people to learn about how to blog or ask questions in a way that spurs engagement. Define the key audience segments and their learning styles. Consider whether peer learning, coaching, online webinars, or other methods work best. Then, define what you want people to get out of it.


Create a culture of community

The culture of your organization plays an important role in sustaining engagement and driving evolution. Make sure you work with key stakeholders and your most outspoken members to ensure they understand the value of your corporate culture and how the digital workplace supports it.


Remember what matters most to members

Lastly, don’t forget what got you to this point. You built engagement by creating content, programs, and other elements that appealed to members. It’s easy to let the urge to innovate distract you from what’s already working and what your members value.

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