Engagement Challenges

Understand engagement challenges

As discussed in the early stages of the Digital Workplace Playbook, identifying challenges can help you navigate your organization's digital transformation. When it comes to engagement challenges, it's important to focus on the cultural and social challenges in your organization.

Common engagement challenges  

Think about the key business challenges you've identified and consider how those may impact engagement within your digital workplace. With proper planning, governance, and engagement programs, these challenges can be addressed head-on. 

We've helped many organizations address these common challenges, weaving in tactics and solutions into digital workplace strategies, governance plans, and through the use of the right engagement tools. 



Educating employees on what to use and when to use it

  • Provide training for the organization during launch, when implementing new solutions, and when introducing new integrations, areas, or functionality. 
  • Ensure you match the training program to the individual learning styles of your employees. 
  • Include digital workplace training as part of the onboarding process.

Ensuring managers and executives lead by example 

  • Mandate use of the digital workplace from the top of your organization. 
  • Launch the digital workplace at a town hall event with messaging coming from senior leaders. 
  • Ensure your leaders are properly trained to use the digital workplace effectively and to lead others through their own journey to adopt the technology. 
  • Adopt executive engagement campaigns to encourage adoption.

Ensuring appropriate decision-making when it comes to managing the digital workplace

  • Implement a strong governance plan for the digital workplace that clearly defines roles, responsibilities, and expectations.
  • Understand the strategic, operational, and tactical decisions that must be made, who needs to make them, and who needs to be consulted and informed. 
  • Enforce governance with the Steering Committee and regular meetings.

Prioritizing requests for new solutions, groups, and integrations

  • Provide a Forum for users to submit requests for additional solutions, groups, and integrations.
  • Share your digital workplace roadmap with the organization so that they understand the priorities and the vision.
  • Encourage this type of feedback because not only does it support engagement, but it helps you understand what your users need.

Providing clear publishing guidelines

  • Include information about branding, tone, and style as part of your governance plan and any training/education sessions for employees.
  • Provide easy-to-follow publishing guidelines so employees are more inclined to actively publish content without having to worry if their content is appropriate, on brand, or relevant. 
  • Encourage user-generated content by clearly letting users know how they can publish, where they can publish, and what they should publish. 

What's next? 

It's time to start thinking about the next steps of your digital transformation journey. In your digital workplace plan, you've outlined the key business challenges you want to solve in the early stages of your journey. As you evolve your digital workplace, new business challenges will present themselves and you'll need to expand solutions or introduce new ones to address those challenges. 

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