Wall of Same

Wall of Same Campaign 

Below is the plan for Igloo's Wall of Same campaign. This campaign is great for building culture and community

High Level:


Develop a sense of community and fun by encouraging employees to submit photos of employees dressed alike.



S.M.A.R.T Goal Details:  


Build a friendly corporate culture and community


Yes - Count the Photos


Yes – Executive Support


Yes - This Campaign is fun for all types of digital workplaces.

Time Bound:

This can be launched at any time and can continue indefinitely.

Communication Plan:


Entire organization


Various communication mediums – see table below.


Take a clear photo of coworkers (see below) dressed similarly and save the image to a "Wall of Same" folder. Name the photo with the date and also the name of the employees in the picture - to help with search later on. Post the picture to the Social Newsfeed and @mention those in the image.


Educate the organization about this campaign by posting the first "Wall of Same" image. Include the instructions above and a link to the "Wall of Same" folder. 

Defined Action:

In your first "Wall of Same" post, encourage employees to participate by letting them know how easy it is.


Track the number of posts and images, have a Champion manage this initiative to keep it going! At the end of the year, have a "Wall of Same" contest to select the winning image. Make a big splash of the winner.

Other Campaign Details:


Inviting employees to add images builds a sense of ownership, interest, and engagement with your digital workplace. It builds culture because people enjoy feeling part of something bigger.


Prize cost, if tangible. (Could be one extra vacation day for the winner). Some organizations may want to gamify this campaign by having an annual contest where employees vote on the past year's "Wall of Same" submissions, determining the "fan favorite".

Time Period:

If you're planning to make the "Wall of Same" an annual contest with employees voting on the winner each year, you would run this campaign for one year at a time. 

Suggested Delivery Plan for this Campaign:






Grass Roots Influence

Get the word out through posting "Wall of Same" images.

Campaign Launch and Ongoing

Lead by Example

Executives Lead

Leadership should participate in the "Wall of Same".

Campaign Launch and Ongoing

Digital Media and Posters

Reinforce Message

Get the word out on Digital Screens and Posters around the office.

Campaign Launch

A few of Igloo's Wall of Same Images throughout the Years

Pasted Image
Pasted Image

Pasted Image
01/09/2019 - Lindsay & Brandon
02/13/2018 - Emma & Gavyn
09/20/2017 - Andrea & Anna


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