Profile Completion

Profile Completion 

Below is the plan for Igloo’s Profile Completion Campaign. Encouraging users to complete their profiles benefits the entire organization by making knowledge about employees, their skills and interests more available. This campaign is designed to be used during launch, and then annually to continue your success.


High Level:


Our company needs to be able to find information about employees quickly and easily. We need to improve how we share information regarding who does what, areas of expertise, and interests.


Knowledge Management

S.M.A.R.T Goal Details:


Increase the number of completed profiles in our Digital Workplace.


Review current profile fields, determine fields to be included in the statistics, calculate current percent complete. Then, continue to measure over time.

Below is a a screenshot of outcomes.


To be approved by Executive Sponsor.


Need must be acknowledged and Supported by Executive Sponsor.

Time Bound:

Initial Campaign will run for two weeks. Measurements will be taken before Campaign Kick-Off, Midway, at Campaign Close Out, then twice annually thereafter.

Communication Plan:


Entire organization


Various mediums – see table below


Messages will depend on medium of delivery and timing


Complete your Profile


Data from Manage Members 

Campaign Details:


  • The purpose of the Profile Completion Campaign is to encourage the action of completing one’s Digital Workplace Profile fully, to improve the company’s Knowledge Management.
  • When profiles are complete, others can quickly and easily find information regarding colleagues.
  • The campaign is designed to make it easy for end users to complete their profiles and to feel rewarded and recognized for doing so.
  • The inclusion of the Profile Completion widget allows end users to see their profile status each time they log on, as a reminder.


Cost for Professional Photographer to be onsite for photos for 2 days then again, a while after the campaign is complete for those who missed it. Profile Completion Widget if required.


(A two-week period is recommended.)

Suggested Delivery Plan for this Campaign:


Profile Completion Widget

Add this widget to the homepage so it shows each end users’ percentage complete. 

Provide the easiest way possible for members to access their profiles to update.

During Campaign, after Campaign.

 Pasted Image

DW Posts, Digital Media, Broadcasts

Campaign announcements.

Campaign awareness regarding how a complete profile helps everyone.

Before and during campaign.

Below is an image of a digital screen.


Champions will complete profiles early, with professional and personal details, written in an engaging manner to show what's possible.

Early adopters complete their profiles and share excitement.

Before and during campaign.

Lead by Example

As leaders, executives should complete their profiles. Highlight the best of the best on the homepage.

Executives as leaders, set the example of what's expected and communicate this to their respective teams.

Before, during and after campaign


CEO hosted video.

The video should be short, concise and clearly explain the expectation. Humor goes a long way!

Before campaign post to the homepage.


By Department; grouped by size so it's fair - group larger teams together in one competition

Competition gets engagement!

Prizes can include Pizza Lunch, or Corporate Swag.

Announce before campaign, provide updates during the campaign.

Desk Drops

Swag - place a mug with a note saying, “Get your mug (photo) on our site”, post cards, mousepads.

Get everyone excited by providing swag on each desk highlighting profiles.

Kick Off Day


Schedule the photographer over a few days during the campaign, plus a follow up day after the campaign.

Professional Photo Shoot.

Allow people to select their photo of choice - provide some photoshopping options to soften the images a bit if preferred.

2 days during Campaign and again a couple of weeks later.


Confirm profile fields to be counted towards % complete. Run Manage Members report and confirm measurements before, during and after campaign.

Measure success of the campaign.

Igloo can provide an analytics template to you.

Before, during and after campaign.

For additional support for analytics on this campaign, contact

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