Company Podcast List

Company Podcast List

Below is the plan for Igloo's Company Podcast campaign. This campaign is great for generating excitement and engaging employees long term. This can be included in your new employee onboarding as well. 

High Level:


Develop a sense of community and fun by asking employees to contribute their favorite podcasts to the list.


Culture and engagement 

This could also apply to Knowledge Management if you decide to encourage knowledge sharing by requesting the employees recommended podcasts related to the industry you're in or podcasts related to the skills/thought leadership applicable to a specific department.  

S.M.A.R.T Goal Details:  


Build a friendly corporate culture and community.


Yes - Count the podcasts.


Yes – Executive Support.


Yes - This Campaign is fun for all types of digital workplaces.

Time Bound:

This can be launched at any time and can continue indefinitely.

Communication Plan:


Entire organization.


Various Communication mediums – see table below.


Have a Champion manage this initiative with a post, mentioning an inspirational podcast and asking others to share theirs. Compile the responses into a Wiki and share it in a Social Channel Newsfeed. Ensure the Champion continues to share their favorite podcasts and that they get executive participation by @mentioning them, requesting this. Include the name of the podcast, the creator and a link to it on the web. Ask new hires to add a podcast to the list as part of the onboarding experience.


Educate the organization about this campaign by sharing one favorite podcast. Include the instructions above and a link to the Podcast Wiki. 

Defined Action:

In your first Podcast post, encourage employees to participate by letting them know how easy it is.


Track the number of podcasts, have a Champion manage this initiative to keep it going! At the end of the year, send the company an update announcement with the full list.

Other Campaign Details:


Inviting employees to add podcasts builds a sense of ownership, interest, and engagement with your digital workplace. It builds culture because people enjoy feeling part of something bigger.


Zero budget!

Time Period:


Suggested Delivery Plan for this Campaign:






Grass Roots Influence

Get the word out through posting the podcasts.

Campaign Launch and Ongoing

Lead by Example

Executives Lead

Leadership should participate in suggesting podcasts.

Campaign Launch and Ongoing

Digital Media and Posters

Reinforce Message

Get the word out on Digital Screens and Posters around the office.

Campaign Launch


Access resources to help you launch a successful engagement campaign.


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