Oh Baby!

Oh Baby!

Below is the plan for Igloo's Oh Baby! campaign. This campaign is great for light hearted engagement of your entire organization during stressful times. It's fun, kind of silly and can bring remote employees together by doing a fun contest to guest the identity of colleagues in baby photos.

High Level:


Engage employees with a lighthearted campaign to keep them connected, especially during stressful times, when everyone can use a break. 



S.M.A.R.T Goal Details:


Vote participation by employees


Count the number of votes


With promotion and executive participation


As part of a larger engagement plan


Best done in a short series

Communication Plan:


Entire organization. Please note, that organizations need to be cognizant of diversity and inclusion while considering this particular campaign. 


Digital workplace


Photos, Polls, Winners


Not required

Defined Action

Complete the polls


Determine the winner by calculating who matched the most correct photos to names

Other Campaign Details:


This campaign provides a way for employees to get to know one another better in a lighthearted way. Start with a few outgoing employees, for example, those who are part of a social committee, and ask them to send in their baby or toddler photos. You can certainly expand the number of photos you collect over time. Be sure to include executives!

We launched this campaign during the COVID-19 Pandemic to engage employees when all were working from home. 

  • At Igloo, we started with 5 photos of volunteers from our social committee
  • We created a new page, with images pasted in 5 HTML widgets
  • We added 5 Poll widgets used for voting, below the photos
  • Each Poll had more than 5 names to choose from to make it more challenging
  • We used the Equal-columns Enhancement to make the page look more appealing
  • You may find that each photo you receive is of varying quality due to age. For consistency, we made each 300x400 pixels and found that this worked well.
  • We collected the photos by email sent to one member of our Social Committee.

This campaign was very well received, and we hope that you enjoy it as well.



Time Period:

Several weeks

Suggested Delivery Plan for this Campaign:


Digital Workplace

Create a Campaign Page and Post to Homepage

Announce the Challenge

Post, and provide a deadline

Lead by Example

Executives Lead

Ask executives to provide photos

Week two

This is Igloo's First Week's Oh Baby! Contest!

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