Microblog Challenge

Microblog Challenge 

Below is the plan for Igloo's Microblog Challenge campaign. Build excitement and familiarity with the digital workplace by rolling out this campaign during your initial launch, for new hires and for when you implement new solutions. This challenge can literally take your users on a tour of your digital workplace while they learn!

High Level:


A fun engaging way to encourage users to visit many areas of the site, that is thorough but gamified.


Knowledge Management, Communication, Culture

S.M.A.R.T Goal Details:


Aim to have a certain percentage of Microblog Challenge participants complete the game.


Confirm completion, and the winners based on a deadline.


Yes – Test the Microblog Challenge in advance.


This campaign aligns to engagement plan and the need for initial high engagement.

Time Bound:

Two weeks during launch

Communication Plan:


Entire Company


Various – see below


Share information regarding the contest, how tos etc.


Educate employees around specific initiative

Defined Action:

Defined action depends on the initiative


Measure participation based on number of registrants vs those who completed the game.

Other Campaign Details:


Any challenge should include fabulous prizes to encourage participation. The Microblog challenge provides a method to give users a tour of the Digital Workplace and allows them to practice microblogging, building engagement. Below, we have provided a template  which you can use.


Prizes if offered.

Time Period:

Two week period during launch, or for new hires as training opportunity.

Suggested Delivery Plan for this Campaign:



Grass Roots Influence

Visibly participate and coach participants.

Launch Week

Lead by Example

Executives Lead

Ensure leaders participate 

Launch Week

Broadcasts & Posts

Ensure Reach

Share contest information and results

Launch Week

Digital Media

Reinforce Message

Share contest information and results

Launch Week

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