Launch Week Activities

Launch Week

Below is the plan for Igloo's Launch Week campaign. Launch celebrations should last more than one day—extend the party for a week or more with drop-in or online training opportunities, information sessions, and photo opportunities. This demonstrates the importance and permanence of the digital workplace and provides opportunities to learn how to use the platform and increase engagement. 

High Level:


Extend the launch celebration beyond day 1 so that everyone has an opportunity to learn, practice and explore the new Digital Workplace.


Collaboration, Knowledge Management, Communication, Culture

S.M.A.R.T Goal Details:


Create and run strategic initiatives to maximize education of end users and their participation in the Digital Workplace.


You can count participants in events, feedback via polls and surveys, count the number of log ins to the new Digital Workplace.


Yes – this has Executive Support.


The launch week activities align to the initial launch and engagement efforts.

Time Bound:

One to two weeks for some elements.

Communication Plan:


Entire Company


Various – see below


Share information about the new Digital Workplace, WIIFM, Executive sponsorship.


Educate the entire organization about the new Digital Workplace. Ensure that everyone is aware of the reason, benefits and goals of the new site, ensure that everyone knows it’s use is mandated from the highest levels.

Defined Action:

Log in, and use the Digital Workplace


Measure the number of log-ins during Launch week and get subjective feedback by survey and poll.

Other Campaign Details:


Launch celebrations should last more than one day – extend the party for a week or more with drop-in or online training opportunities, information sessions, photo opportunities etc. This allows the importance and permanence of the Customer’s Digital Workplace and provides opportunity for all types of learners, in all generations, to learn how to use the platform and increase engagement.


Photographer, Swag etc.

Time Period:

1 – 2 weeks beyond launch

Suggested Delivery Plan for this Campaign:



Grass Roots Influence

Be visible during launch week – to act as main points of contact for employees with questions. Wear shirts with the name of the Digital Workplace and “Ask Me!” on the front.

Launch Week Activities

Lead by Example

Executives Lead

C-Level communications posted on the homepage encourage interest.

Launch Week

Broadcasts & Posts

Ensure Reach

Share news daily about the new Digital Workplace and how it’s being used.

Launch Week



Continue the Scavenger Hunt and Microblog challenges. 

Launch Week

Digital Media

Reinforce Message

Use Digital Displays throughout office locations to stream the week’s events.

Launch Week


Reinforce Message

Post additional leader videos on the homepage discussing how their teams will benefit from the new Digital Workplace.

Launch Week


Access resources to help you launch a successful engagement campaign.


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