Executive Engagement

Executive Focused Engagement 

Below is the plan for Igloo's Executive Focused Engagement campaign. This campaign is great for motivating the leaders of your organization to participate in your digital workplace.

High Level:


Executive Engagement is tough to get, and yet so crucial to the adoption of your digital workplace. Initiating campaigns to target this group's engagement is key to ensuring that your executives participate and understand the value of the digital workplace to your organization. 


Culture, Communication, Collaboration, Knowledge Management

S.M.A.R.T Goal Details:


Increase and maintain a high level of executive engagement in the digital workplace.


Report on the activity of executives as a group.


Yes – Executive support.


Yes – Success of the digital workplace relies on executive support.

Time Bound:

Executive engagement efforts should be made throughout your journey.

Communication Plan:




Within the digital workplace, email, calendars, blog posts, Leadership Corner, etc.


Share information about the new digital workplace and be sure that executives understand its importance to the organization and also to their own individual goals. It's important to note that executives should be engaged via various other campaigns in the Library but must have a special focus as well.


Educate the executives about the digital workplace and build up the importance of their participation to ensure its success. Include training for this group in advance of initial launch so they're ahead of the game. 

Defined Action:

Present your Executive Engagement Plan to the entire team and gain commitment from each person to an initiative. Here is a list of campaigns you can include executives in:

  • Include executives on the team of Champions
  • Initiate a Blog Oscar competition
  • Get commitment from each executive to lead their own Champion Initiative
  • Be sure executives have their Profiles complete and showcase the best on the homepage
  • Engage executives in short Video Highlights on the homepage - sharing why the digital workplace is important to everyone - change the video regularly
  • Be sure executives are reminded to mention the digital workplace and its importance in all meetings
  • Provide executives with a list of blog topics, and/or ghostwrite articles for them to publish
  • Create an editorial calendar to ensure they commit to posting regularly
  • Use the Leadership Corner Solution and find ways to make it work for your own organization


Measure the executive group's participation in your digital workplace, create goals for each to achieve.

Other Campaign Details:


Executive engagement is tough to get, and yet so crucial to the adoption of your digital workplace.


No cost

Time Period:

Begin educating executives prior to launch - then continue delivering the message about the importance of the digital workplace.

Suggested Delivery Plan for this Campaign:






Grass Roots Influence

Get the word out through word of mouth with executives. Plan Executive Champion messaging.

4 weeks prior to digital workplace launch; 2 weeks prior to Campaign launch. 


Lead by Example

Executives Lead

Leadership must lead the engagement effort - making using the digital workplace mandatory and sharing its value to their direct reports and all employees.

Campaign Launch, Ongoing


Ensure Reach

Create an email communication plan that shares information clearly, early and often.

Campaign Launch

Digital Media and Posters

Reinforce Message

Get the word out on digital screens - especially executives' profiles and video messaging.

Campaign Launch, Ongoing.


Access resources to help you launch a successful engagement campaign.


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