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Below is the plan for Igloo's Create Engaging Content campaign.How do you keep readers coming back? Publishing content is one thing, but ensuring that content is truly appealing to your employees is another challenge. Providing best practices for creating engaging content allows all creators to be as effective as possible, representing your organization's own brand and voice.

High Level:


Educate the organization regarding what makes content engaging to maximize viewership.


Knowledge Management, Communication, Collaboration, Culture

S.M.A.R.T Goal Details:


Improve the engagement factor of content posted in the Digital Workplace.


Measure with likes, views, ratings, downloads, surveys.


This is achievable with the right type of information and education.


This is relevant to a successful Digital Workplace.

Time bound:

Measure the content engagement stats before during and after the campaign.

Communication Plan:


Entire organization.


Webinar, videos, wiki articles.


Explain the reason for calling for more engaging content. 


Educate the organization on what makes content engaging, publishing guidelines.

Defined Action:

Create engaging content – for use by all personas – me, we, or us focused.


Review content stats in workplace analytics before, after and during campaign, then ongoing to confirm it’s sticking.

Other Campaign Details:


Providing content within the Digital Workplace is one thing – but ensuring that the content published is also appealing to readers keeps them coming back.  Providing best practices for creating engaging content allows all creators to be as effective as possible.

Engaging Content represents the organization’s brand and voice. It’s personalized with inclusive information that makes the reader want to continue reading and engage. The content’s voice should represent your organization whether a logo is visible or not. 

Branded content is created by: 

  • Imagining content as half of a conversation
  • Writing out multiple ways to say the same thing, as practice
  • Having an editor review content, looking specifically for voice – this only works after content has been confirmed as factually accurate
  • Creating a library of successful voice examples
  • Working closely with Legal to find language all parties are comfortable with

Consider the context of the reader:

  • Where are they?
  • What else are they doing?
  • How did they get here?

Character attributes to consider when creating engaging content include:

  • Make sure the content is personal and engaging
  • Take the time to be proactive; connecting the audience to what they need, speaking clearly and confidently to highlight what’s important to them.
  • Keep communications simple to understand and straightforward
  • Acknowledge unique situations with empathetic and supportive guidance
  • Commit to providing the best information possible in a reliable, consistent way

Recommend consistent use of verbiage:

  • Remove unnecessary words and avoid modifiers
  • Avoid long sentences and paragraphs
  • Use simple language and replace complex words with simple ones
  • Remove jargon that not everyone will understand
  • Lead with the most important information and get to the point
  • Chunk information and separate using headlines and sub-headings
  • Use informative, descriptive headings
  • Link to existing content instead of repeating information
  • Use Active voice vs Passive voice
  • Use bullet points
  • Make sure ‘fluff’ and humor is appropriate and relevant
  • Use approved imagery and video when available


No funding is necessary.

Time Period:

The initial campaign can be short duration (1 month) with subsequent reminders on an ongoing basis.

Suggested Delivery Plan for this Campaign:



Grass Roots Influence

Have Champions show how it’s done.



Lead by Example

Executives Lead

Executives create and post content and set the mandate that their reports must do the same.




Broadcasts & Posts

Ensure Reach

Share information about how to create content via broadcasts and posts.




Give awards for the person who adds the most content, or the most popular content.


Digital Media

Reinforce Message

Share content created by users on Digital Screens.



Reinforce Message

Short video clips on how to create content go a long way to ensuring end users know that it’s easy to do.




Desk Drops

Create Excitement

Have Champions show how it’s done.



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