Let's get your employees engaged

Employee engagement doesn't happen organically, at least in the beginning. You need a strong engagement plan to drive employee adoption - both in the short and long term. It should align with the desired behaviors and outcomes summarized in your digital workplace strategy, because programs that drive the wrong types of employee engagement are never a good idea.


Developing a strong engagement plan is mission-critical to your overall success. Think of engagement like a marketing campaign, and your challenge is getting your target users excited and making them want to use it. Your engagement plan should outline how you'll engage with your key stakeholders at the appropriate level, in appropriate ways, and at appropriate times. The ways you engage will depend on what you're trying to achieve, both for your organization and the stakeholders concerned.

The plan should be monitored and reviewed on a regular basis - weekly if possible - by your digital workplace manager and/or team. It's strongly recommended that you engage your marketing team as key stakeholders, as they're the experts in this type of engagement activity. 

Finally, think about creating an engagement calendar to keep activities organized and on a regular cadence. This can be very helpful for your key stakeholders as a reminder to post content and updates that will increase visibility across the organization. 

Engagement team

Keeping your employees engaged is a full-time job, especially for large and distributed organizations. Many large organizations have an engagement specialist within the digital workplace team. Their role is focused solely on employee adoption and engagement.
  • Manage the engagement plan.
  • Monitor and measure engagement.
  • Identify key opportunities and risks.
  • Work with key stakeholder teams and champions to drive engagement.
  • Coordinate, manage, and launch programs and campaigns.
  • Assist with content strategies.
  • Set up and manage a gamification program by rewarding members for participating.

Monitoring and measuring

Managing your digital workplace is never an open-and-closed project. There will always be some tweaking and evolving. It’s important to determine how you'll track progress against your initial goals, and how you’ll continue to improve the site year over year. Start by defining your objectives, identifying your measures of success, and setting benchmarks to measure against. Then, create a timeline for how often you’ll check in on your progress – and how you’ll manage any improvements that need to be made. There are many ways to measure engagement in your digital workplace. Here are just a few:

  1.  Analytics tools: Get to know the measurement tools that are built into your solution. A simple way to see what’s resonating is to keep an eye on the number of comments, likes, or views on an article or document. Or you can dig a little deeper and use the social analytics tool to check in on site traffic and engagement. 
  2. Surveys or polls: Creating a survey or poll is a great way to get quick insights into how your members are reacting to the community. Make sure your questions are clear and simple, and that you’re not leading them to a particular response. The results shouldn’t be seen as scientific, but they can be used to identify trends. 
  3. Focus groups: These are typically used before an implementation, but they can work after, too. Bring a group of people together to get their feedback on how they’re using the community, additional features they’d like to see, and any challenges they’re having. Their input will help you understand what you need to focus on next.


Creating buzz before your digital workplace goes live

Your pre-launch campaign is about steadily building excitement, buzz, and hype before launch day. Be sure your campaign is targeting the right users with the right messages. Make the messages fun and interactive, and schedule them on a regular cadence.


One month out


CEO email - Try to get your CEO to write an email to the entire company. This is a great way to create buzz and illustrate management buy-in to the solution.

Naming contest - Let your employees know that there’s an exciting new workplace solution on the horizon, and ask for their help to come up with a name. It’s a chance to educate people about what’s coming, and have a bit of fun while you’re doing it. Invite members to submit their names, then rally your champions together to pick the winner (or let the whole company vote). Reveal the name at the end of the contest or at the launch event for the most “wow” factor – and don’t forget to celebrate the person whose idea was chosen.

In-person events - Get the word out by hosting mini events or ‘lunch and learn’ sessions to give people a sneak preview of your solution-in-progress. It’s a good time for them to get acquainted with the site and ask questions, and it might even give you some insight into how they will (or won’t) use it. Swag is always a big hit at these events, especially if it’s branded with the new cool name. For larger and more distributed organizations, this is ideal for your local champions/advocates.

Promotional items - Create cool "promo" items before launch. Drop them on people's desks or bring them with you to hand out in person. Swag ideas include: shiny new pens, sticky notes, mugs, a downloadable wallpaper, or a good ol' box of donuts in the kitchen. 

Get ready for your close-up - Hire a photographer and host a company photo day so that everyone has a glamorous new photo to upload to their profile once the site launches. No budget for a professional? Call on your champions to help find a budding photographer inside your company who might want to beef up their portfolio. 

Weekly email campaign - Send out weekly updates to the entire company. Keep them short, fun, and punchy.

Corporate newsletter - Write a short article in your next newsletter. Be sure to have quotes from your leaders, and maybe even a screenshot.


Checklist - Engagement Ideas List

A checklist of ideas for how to engage your employees, grouped into different categories such as challenges, guidelines, leadership, and more.

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Launch Day

Getting the word out on launch day

The big day has finally arrived. You’re almost ready to press GO. You've checked and double-checked all the details for your digital workplace launch. Everything's in place.

Take a deep breath and press the launch button.


Launch party - This can be a standalone event, a series of local events, or tacked onto another company event that’s happening at the same time (like a conference or retreat). At the celebration, have your key executive sponsor say a few words. Keep it short, but ensure everyone knows the project has executive buy-in. Your digital workplace manager should provide a quick overview of the solution, including key use cases (like finding expertise, enrolling for benefits, or reading a news article), solution zones (highlight major areas in the solution like the HR hub, people directory, or a knowledge base), cool features (instant notifications, social zone, and mobile support), and how to get help or provide feedback. Be sure to cover the solution's key benefits (the “what’s in it for me” factor). Then, share the overall objectives of the solution and let your employees know how they can help make it a success. Call attention to any policies or guidelines that they should be aware of. 

Online webinar - If your members are spread out across the globe, you can host an online launch party using webinar or streaming software. Encourage each global office location to host a small celebration, and upload photos to the site for everyone to see. Remember to follow up with some take-away material (like a presentation or recording) highlighting the features and functionality of your new digital workplace. 

Welcome message - Create a “welcome message" in a blog post to re-cap the launch announcement, and invite members to share their feedback or ideas about their first experience with your new digital workplace. Including a small incentive is a great way to get people involved. Be sure to broadcast the article so everyone receives an email notification. 

Profile completion - It’s great to put a face to a name, right? Encourage completion of profiles, including uploading profile pictures. Highlight employees who have taken you up on the challenge right on the home page. Don't be afraid to make a big deal of it. 

Scavenger hunt - Create a contest where users get points and prizes for completion. This type of gamification will help users learn how to use and navigate the digital workplace in a fun and interesting way. You can even encourage collaboration by setting up or enrolling teams to join in on the fun.

Mobile downloads - Encourage your employees to download the mobile apps for your digital workplace. Embed the links in the footer for easy access.

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