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The March Product Release has arrived in your digital workplace!

Photo of William RobertsonOffline

March 2021 Product Release

By William Robertson

Here's what you need to know about the March 2021 Product Release

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On-Demand Learning Webinars Go Live

By Corey Symonds

An all-new change management webinar and self-paced versions of all other theory & strategy webinars are now available as part of Igloo University.

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Getting Started: Sustainability

By Jim Tigwell

How to build your digital workplace to be scalable in the future

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  • The October Product …
    Ryan MacDonald says:
    Kim Tylka 
    Hi Kim, great question. I can see how that's frustrating and slowing you down. 
    Our content editor is getting a major bug fix package in our next release and this issue will be addressed that package.  That release is scheduled to be in your Digital Workplace for the  first week of November. 
    Look forward to it then!
    2 weeks ago
  • The October Product …
    Kim Tylka says:
    Do you know if when using a table in the WYSIWYG editor - the known issue with only being able to select one cell at a time has been fixed in this release?  It has been causing me a headache to not be able to select multple cells and edit them. Thanks so much!
    2 weeks ago
  • Igloo's Digital …
    Chelsey Louzeiro says:
    Maybe this year is The Corral's year! Best of luck to all submitting!
    2 weeks ago

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