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Igloo issues a press release announcing Free, Unlimited Access to Igloo University for all Customers.

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Learn about upcoming Igloo University virtual training sessions and enroll today!

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April Release is Live

By Hira Zahid

The April Product Release has arrived in your digital workplace!

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April 2020 Product Release

By Jesse Langstaff – 8 Comments

Here's what you need to know about the April 2020 Product Release.

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Training Resource Round Up

By Corey Symonds

We've been hard at work over the last few months adding new resources to Igloo University, so it's time for another Training Resource Round-Up post.

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2020 Q1 Release Wrap-Up

By Michele Studhalter

Watch a short video to catch up on what was released this past quarter

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  • New Product Poll(s):…
    Sean Duffy says:
    David Domine - appreciate the correction!
    5 days ago
  • New Product Poll(s):…
    Tung Pham says:
    Zoom or Teams
    7 days ago
  • New Product Poll(s):…
    Ravindra Sunku says:
    We have standardized on Zoom for all our Full Time employees
    9 days ago
  • New Product Poll(s):…
    Bob Doppel says:
    Teams is our standard video conferencing/chat client WPP-wide.
    9 days ago
  • New Product Poll(s):…
    David Domine says:
    Hey Sean - I'd suggest changing Google Hangouts to Google Meet.  It's the G-Suite standard.  Hangouts is being deprecated.  I know for us, we use Zoom and are migrating to Google Meet since it's already included in our subscription.
    9 days ago
  • New Product Poll(s):…
    Brian McIlravey says:
    quite the race so far. I actually would have thought TEAMS would outpace Slack. TEAMs has made such a huge penetration into the market it was eclipsing Slack. 
    Interesting results so far.
    3 weeks ago
  • May 2020 Product Rel…
    William Robertson says:
    Brandon Oliver confirmed:
    There is nothing in this Release that will involve downtime.  We will not be taking any of the Igloo communities down.
    4 weeks ago
  • May 2020 Product Rel…
    Ronald Berman says:
    Will it be necessary to bring down any of the Igloo communities while the May update is in process?
    4 weeks ago
  • April 2020 Product R…
    Asher Primrose says:
    Can we get Threaded Comments on Microblogs too? Why was that left off?
    7 weeks ago
  • April 2020 Product R…
    Veronica Hayes says:
    Jocelyn Flint‍ - You are definitely not alone!
    8 weeks ago

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