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November Release Is Live

By Andrew Benjamin

Our November release has arrived in your Digital Workplace. Here is what you can now explore:

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Igloo to deprecate support for TLS 1.0

By Andrew Benjamin

Igloo will cease support for TLS 1.0 as of the Cycle 40 March release. Web browsers that use TLS 1.0, Igloo LDAP Sync Tool (ILST) v3.1 or prior, and any web application calling Igloo APIs and attempting to connect using TLS 1.0, will no longer be able to connect to Igloo.

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November Release Preview

By Andrew Benjamin – 2 Comments

Our November release will soon be arriving in your Digital Workplace Preview environment. Here is what you will be able to test:

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  • December Product Rel…
    Teri Wayne says:
    I like what I see of the new Social Club templates.  Very timely for us!
    Carola Castillo‍ Melissa Delaney‍
    20 hours ago
  • December Product Rel…
    Dan Latendre says:
    I think the new icon for file manager embedded in the web experience is huge. You will be able to use advanced features when working with files in the web view.
    5 days ago
  • New Product Poll: Im…
    Ashley Pergolas says:
    Laura Sheldon‍  Lisa Howard-Grabman‍  Kristen Stegall‍  Ronald Berman‍ we're so glad to see your interest in the File Manager application and how we can make it an ideal tool for your organization! 
    If you haven't done so already, please be sure to submit your vote through the official poll on the Customer Care homepage.
    8 days ago
  • New Product Poll: Im…
    Ronald Berman says:
    #3. Advanced search (search within designated group spaces)
    9 days ago
  • New Product Poll: Im…
    Lisa Howard-Grabman says:
    1, 2 and 4. Thanks!
    9 days ago
  • New Product Poll: Im…
    Kristen Stegall says:
    9 days ago
  • New Product Poll: Im…
    Laura Sheldon says:
    Loving this file manager and all of the choices are great additions to making this tool even better.  For us, I think we'd vote for 
    #2 simultaneous editing of a file
    9 days ago
  • November Grab Bag: A…
    Sean Christopher says:
    Good article Jim.  Access control requires some planning and it's good to see different functional options presented here.  Thanks for those.
    12 days ago
  • Upcoming Community a…
    Diana May says:
    Hi paul Carter‍ - we're happy to have you join us! I'll reach out by email to connect.
    2 weeks ago
  • Upcoming Community a…
    paul Carter says:
    Hi Diana, i would like to join on several of these. can you let me know ?
    Best regards
    2 weeks ago

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