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Sneak Peek: A look at our new interface

By Ryan Consell – 5 Comments

We're unveiling a fresh new interface to help you navigate between your content, comments and tasks.

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Igloo Mobile (v4.0) is Here!

By Kayleigh Willey – 11 Comments

The latest version of Igloo Mobile (version 4.0) is now available for download from the Apple App Store, Google Play and BlackBerry World.

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Making Igloo more secure

By Kayleigh Willey – 2 Comments

We're making an important change to how we manage the security of your Igloo - enabling SSL/HTTPS by default for all .igloocommunities by August 18.

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It's Coming: Social Tasks

By Kayleigh Willey – 7 Comments

As a part of our next release, we're rolling out a fully integrated task solution that empowers a workforce to work more efficiently by seamlessly bridging content, conversations and tasks.

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  • January Product Rele…
    Jesse Langstaff says:
    Hi Jared Cohen-Richards‍,  the two-column column layout is tied to the "Tile" Directory Layout option (Member Directory > Action Button > Settings). If this is not the appearance you are getting when selecting the "Tile" option, please contact our Support Team (support@igloosoftware.com) so they can further investigate this behavior.
    4 days ago
  • January Product Rele…
    Jared Cohen-Richards says:
    Re: Decreasing columns of tiles from 3 to 2
    Is there any way to make this layout not look so desolate of information? Settings do not provide any toggle to 2 columns (or the previous 3, preferably). Am I missing this somewhere? 
    4 days ago
  • January Product Rele…
    Mirek Kucharzyk says:
    Thank you!
    7 days ago
  • January Product Rele…
    Jesse Langstaff says:
    Hi Mirek Kucharzyk‍, these new features are targeted to be live in your digital workplace on January 16th. You can keep an eye on our release calendar here.
    To preview these features right now, you will need to navigate to your workplace's preview. This can be accessed by navigating to Control Panel > Community Details > Community Preview…
    7 days ago
  • January Product Rele…
    Mirek Kucharzyk says:
    Great update regarding messaging using Teams. Where do I enable it? I checked global settings, but couldn't find anything regarding teams there.
    8 days ago
  • January Product Rele…
    Lucas Sellyn says:
    A great set of updates and bug fixes this month! Excited for the potential of teams messaging as we integrate our DWP further with 0365.
    10 days ago
  • December Product Rel…
    Steven Spadt says:
    Re: the known issue with fix scheduled for Cycle 50, when is Cycle 50 due to launch?  Thanks!
    Oops, nevermind -- found it (next week!): https://customercare.igloosoftware.com/support/product_zone/target_release_calendar/cycle_50_target_release_to_production )
    11 days ago
  • New Product Poll: Im…
    Ludvig Meyer says:
    I'd like to have more advanced formatting and styling options!
    13 days ago
  • New Product Poll: Im…
    Bob Doppel says:
    I would like to see a more robust formatting engine.  I am always going in and tweaking the HTML because of the inconsistent formatting.  Also, we are working to not use tables as much as possible to keep the pages responsive.

    My $.02
    13 days ago
  • New Product Poll: Im…
    Galit Ganor says:
    Hi Dan Latendre‍ , there is a small enhancement in the WYSIWYG  that will bring great value to multi language locations like us (Israel) - this is the RTL "right to left", and LTR "left to right" the ability to align text direction to the right will solve many of our localization issues. 
    2 weeks ago

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