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Displaying group specific content in a widget

By Harun Sheikhali

Did you know that you can build your widget to display content that’s responsive to a user’s group membership?? By programmatically determining if a user is part of a specific group, we can render content in the widget tailored to that group.

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How can we build a widget that ingests or displays content from our digital workplace? We can do this quite easily with ‘axios’,which we’ve built into the platform.

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You may have heard that Igloo offers a Marketplace for widgets and other integrations. The Marketplace is where to find prebuilt modules, solutions, services and integration widgets. We’re often asked how integration widgets end up in the marketplace, and where they come from.

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Who Are You? – Authenticating To Igloo

By Harun Sheikhali – 2 Comments

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What makes a great widget?

By David Bistolas – 2 Comments

Let's talk about what makes a great widget, and why widgets are great!

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