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Brian McIlravey said 9 months ago

after an amazing lunch at #ICEtour LA where everyone not only went for 2nd's but for 3rd's and 4th's. Even Betsy Jorgensen‍ caved to Taco Peer Pressure!. 

Now on to more customer sessions including Forrest Petterson‍ and Anitra Schmucker Rohrer‍ and we've added an 'on the spot' session from HULU to the agenda!~lunch

Mike HicksDan Latendre‍ 

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Katherine Lunn:Replied 9 months ago
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Brian McIlravey said 9 months ago

We are off to a great start at ICE-T LA. We have covered off how we structure ITI, introduction to TAM, Developer Relations and of course Customer Care 2.0. 

Now into customer presentations with Nicole Stout‍ from Guaranteed Rate presenting on Resource Center. Next up, Andrew Jayne‍ up next. 



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Diana May said 9 months ago

ICE Tour Toronto 2019 Sold Out! Don’t miss ICE Tour LA! There is still time to register here

More than 30 Igloo customers attended ICE Tour 2019 Toronto and enjoyed see what OTHER customers are doing in their Digital Workplaces. Presenters in Toronto included Cigna, Saje, Canopy Growth and Indeed. They shared a peek into their experience with Igloo and how they are using the platform to support the needs of their organizations. This is the main focus of the Tour – allowing you, the people who manage your company’s Digital Workplace every day, to learn from one another about how to best use Igloo to support your business challenges. 

YOU asked, We answered! Top Ask from ICE Tour 2019 Toronto:

  • New Community Collaboration channels for Digital Workplace Managers in Customer Care. To take part, follow these easy steps:
    • Select the Channel Topic(s) that interest you most and follow, to join in a conversation! 
    • Post your comments around topics that interest you, as a Digital Workplace Manager 
    • Share your thought leadership on Collaboration, Communication, Knowledge Management and Culture
    • Share your insights regarding Governance, Best Practices, Engagement 

Engage with Igloo and one another! We look forward to hearing from you!


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