Product News CareNew Product Poll: Critical Communications<div><img src=";v3?attachment=1" style="width: 300px;" alt="product_polljpg;v3" class="fr-fic fr-dib hide"> <p>March's Product Poll focuses on communications. Over the last several weeks the digital workplace has become the replacement for the physical office. With things often changing on an hourly basis, which solution do you use to share critical information with your employees?</p> <ol start="1" type="a"> <li>Newsroom</li> <li>Social Zone</li> <li>Leadership Center</li> <li>Virtual Townhall</li> <li>Communicati…</li></ol></div>Sean DuffyWed, 25 Mar 2020 11:09:05 -0400 Videos and Upcoming Virtual Sessions<div><p><img data-ig-embed-key="r6DspjsBzt" class="hide fr-fic fr-dib" alt="Igloo U News" style="width: 300px; height: auto;" src="/.api2/binaries/r6DspjsBzt/thumbnails/Igloo%20U%20News.jpg?width=300"></p><p><strong>New Training Videos </strong></p> <ul type="disc"> <li><a class=" WikiLinkType1" href="">Business Continuity Bundle</a> - Learn about what the Business Continuity Bundle is and how the services and solutions included in this bundle can help your organization communicate and collaborate in times of crisis.</li> <li><a class=" WikiLinkType1" href="">Communications and Incident Planning Zone Solution</a> - Learn how to configure and populate content in the…</li></ul></div>Corey SymondsTue, 24 Mar 2020 09:11:31 -0400 Igloo's Communication & Incident Planning Solution<div><p>Igloo’s Communication &amp; Incident Planning solution provides a secure, central hub for company information and conversation to keep business moving. Regardless of location or whether employees work from a desktop or mobile device, Igloo enables business continuity by helping companies bring together remote workforces.</p><p><img src="/.api2/binaries/OrxT7YCWvf/thumbnails/banner-email.png?width=742" style="width: 742px; height: 316.587px;" alt="banner-email" class="fr-fic fr-dib" data-ig-embed-key="OrxT7YCWvf"></p> <h4>What is the Communication…</h4></div>Diana MayThu, 19 Mar 2020 09:46:09 -0400 Training Opportunities<div><p><img data-ig-embed-key="LBJs8JT1Kh" class="hide fr-fic fr-dib" alt="Igloo U News" style="width: 300px; height: auto;" src="/.api2/binaries/LBJs8JT1Kh/thumbnails/Igloo%20U%20News.jpg?width=300"></p><p><strong>Upcoming Theory &amp; Strategy Training</strong></p> <ul type="disc"> <li><a class=" WikiLinkType1" href="">Planning Your Digital Workplace Launch</a> - Tuesday, March 17, 12:00pm - 1:00pm EST</li> <li><a class=" WikiLinkType1" href="">Driving Engagement: Tactics &amp; Campaigns</a> - Thursday, March 19, 12:00pm - 1:00pm EST</li> <li><a class=" WikiLinkType1" href="">Maximizing Mobility</a> - Tuesday, March 24, 12:00pm - 1:00pm EST</li> <li><a class=" WikiLinkType1" href="" rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_blank">Evolving Your Digital Workplace</a> - Thursday, March 26, 12:00pm - 1:00pm EST</li>…</ul></div>Corey SymondsTue, 17 Mar 2020 09:13:11 -0400 Release is Live<div><table class="fr-no-borders" style="width: 100%;"> <tbody> <tr> <td style="vertical-align: top; width: 34.6491%;"><img src="/.api2/binaries/LBNu7Bfrxi/thumbnails/Release%20%E2%80%93%20Live.png?width=198&amp;height=198" style="width: 198px; height: 198px;" alt="Release – Live" class="fr-fic fr-dib" data-ig-embed-key="LBNu7Bfrxi"></td> <td style="vertical-align: top; width: 65.3509%;"> <h3>What's available with this release? </h3> <ul> <li>Addition of auto-restore functionality in the WYSIWYG editor</li> <li>Enhancements made to notification settings for followed content</li> <li>Enhancements made to managing user visibility for spaces</li> <li>Accessibility enhancements for 'Follow &amp; Broadcast' buttons and 'Reports to' functionality</li> <li>Multiple issues…</li></ul></td></tr></tbody></table></div>Jesse LangstaffThu, 12 Mar 2020 14:32:22 -0400 2020 Product Release<div><div> <table class="fr-no-borders" style="width: 100%;"> <tbody> <tr> <td style="width: 34.8731%;"> <div style="text-align: center;"><img src="/.api2/binaries/POsBns9ECy/thumbnails/Release%20%E2%80%93%20Notes.png?width=197&amp;height=197" style="width: 196px; height: 197px;" alt="Release – Notes" class="fr-fic fr-dib" data-ig-embed-key="POsBns9ECy"></div> </td> <td style="vertical-align: top; width: 65.1269%;"> <h3>What's included in the March 2020 Product Release? </h3> <ul> <li>Addition of auto-restore functionality in the WYSIWYG editor</li> <li>Enhancements made to notification settings for followed content</li> <li>Enhancements made to managing user visibility for spaces</li> <li>Accessibility enhancements for 'Follow &amp; Broadcast' buttons and 'Reports to' functionality</li>…</ul></td></tr></tbody></table></div></div>Jesse LangstaffFri, 06 Mar 2020 09:37:40 -0500 Training Opportunities<div><p><img data-ig-embed-key="leXiQ3tJ1U" class="hide fr-fic fr-dib" alt="Igloo U News" style="width: 300px; height: auto;" src="/.api2/binaries/leXiQ3tJ1U/thumbnails/Igloo%20U%20News.jpg?width=300"></p> <p style="margin:0in;font-family:Calibri;font-size:15px;"><span style="font-weight:bold;">NEW COURSE</span> - <a class=" WikiLinkType1" href="">Introduction to Data Feeds</a> - Thursday, March 19, 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm EST</p> <p style="margin:0in;font-family:Calibri;font-size:15px;"> </p> <ul style="margin-left:.375in;margin-top:0in;margin-bottom:0in;" type="disc"> <li style="margin-top:0;margin-bottom:0;vertical-align:middle;"><span style="font-family:Calibri;font-size:15px;">This brand new hands-on training session will get you started working with Data Feeds for your digital workplace.  </span></li> </ul> <p style="margin:0in;font-family:Calibri;font-size:15px;"> </p> <p style="margin:0in;font-family:Calibri;font-size:15px;"><span style="font-weight:bold;">Upcoming Hands-On Platform Training</span></p> <p style="margin:0in;font-family:Calibri;font-size:15px;"> </p> <ul style="margin-left:.375in;margin-top:0in;margin-bottom:0in;" type="disc"> <li style="margin-top:0;margin-bottom:0;vertical-align:middle;"><a class=" WikiLinkType1" href=""><span style="font-family:Calibri;font-size:15px;">Digital Workplace Layout</span></a><span style="font-family:Calibri;font-size:15px;"> - Thursday, March 5, 2:00pm - 3:30pm EST</span></li> <li style="margin-top:0;margin-bottom:0;vertical-align:middle;"><a class=" WikiLinkType1" href=""><span style="font-family:Calibri;font-size:15px;">Solutions Management 101</span></a><span style="font-family:Calibri;font-size:15px;"> -…</span></li></ul></div>Corey SymondsTue, 03 Mar 2020 11:30:09 -0500 us for the "You Ask. Igloo Answers." Webinar<div><table class="fr-no-borders" style="margin-left: calc(0%); width: 100%;"> <tbody> <tr> <td style="width: 33.8694%;"><img src="/.api2/binaries/VvRIglIR3I/thumbnails/BlogThumbnail_Webinar.jpg?width=270&amp;height=270" style="width: 228px; height: 229px;" alt="BlogThumbnail_Webinar" class="fr-fic fr-dib" data-ig-embed-key="VvRIglIR3I"></td> <td style="width: 66.0331%;"> <p><span style="color: rgb(0, 170, 102);"><a href=""><u><strong>Join the conversation</strong></u></a></span><span style="color: rgb(65, 168, 95);"> </span>with our experts to get the answers to your questions on all things Igloo.<br><br>Wondering where Igloo’s product roadmap is heading? Looking for tips on navigating resources on the Customer Care site? Need advice on how to bring your community engagement to the next level? Ask us your questions, and we’ll provide the…</p></td></tr></tbody></table></div>Michele StudhalterMon, 02 Mar 2020 10:45:00 -0500 Poll Results: February 2020<div><p><img src="/.api2/binaries/5VDHX1FLSV/thumbnails/CustomerCare_Blog_Results.gif?width=300" style="width: 300px; height: auto;" alt="CustomerCare_Blog_Results" class="hide fr-fic fr-dii fr-fir" data-ig-embed-key="5VDHX1FLSV"></p><p>Thank you to everyone who participated in this month's Product Poll. Your feedback helps us make informed decisions about improving our product.  </p><p>Here are the results from <strong>72</strong><strong> votes </strong>across <strong>44</strong><strong> </strong>organizations.</p> <ol> <li>Branded digital workplace experience for employees - <strong>31%</strong></li> <li>Ability to take quick actions e.g. direct call from People Directory contact - <strong>24%</strong></li> …</ol></div>Sean DuffyThu, 27 Feb 2020 11:15:25 -0500 Grab Bag: Printing and Policies<div><p>February has been a long month, made longer by the leap year, but has brought <a href="" class=" WikiLinkType1">webinars</a>, <a href="" class=" WikiLinkType1">training opportunities</a>, and as always, <a href="" class=" WikiLinkType1">a new release</a>. And with those come new questions, so here's a few we've received in Support over the past few weeks. </p> <h3><img src="/.api2/binaries/ALgCJNfrlH/thumbnails/2020-02-25 11_26_09-Create Wiki Articles - Customer Care.png?width=300" style="width: 300px; height: auto;" alt="2020-02-25 11_26_09-Create Wiki Articles - Customer Care" class="fr-fic fr-fir fr-dii" data-ig-embed-key="ALgCJNfrlH">Can I print a wiki article?</h3> <p>Absolutely! It's not a common use case, but some organizations need…</p></div>Jim TigwellWed, 26 Feb 2020 10:02:11 -0500